VLOG :: 4 Red Flags of Fatigue & Burnout

Managing your training while avoiding fatigue and burnout is the current theme of the week within the Clear the Pack coaching portal, but I’ve seen this topic come up across my newsfeeds and timelines a lot over the last few days.

Within this vlog (I hate that word…), I cover:

  • the way I adjusted my training after the stomach flu
  • 4 red flags of fatigue and burnout
  • ways to manage your stress — regardless of what’s causing it — through your training.

Like it says in the video, the MOST IMPORTANT part is to cut yourself some slack. Adding to your stress by stressing about how stressed out you are definitely won’t help. Make a list of some things that help you “fill your cup” so when you have to take a break, you can replace your training with something that will definitely lower your burnout level and get you back on an even keel.


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