Are youBLOCKING your own progress?

Are you too gassed to TAKE THE STAR?

Do you want to be on your team's POWER LINE?

Stop Spinning Your Wheels When It Comes To Your Training

Get Focused, Get Results, Get Ahead of the Pack

You know that parable about the frog?


The one that says if you put a frog into a pot of water and slowly raise the heat of the pot, it will happily sit there and boil to death?


I’ve been that frog. But instead of boiling to death, I was getting buried in my life.


I was a brand new, stay-at-home mom that (for some ungodly reason) had decided to go back to school full-time.

  • I wanted to be an awesome mom (who was always there for her kid),
  • I wanted to be a rad student (I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to say they got straight A's?),
  • More importantly, I wanted to continue playing the love of my life, roller derby.

It was too much.


Between my full-time momming, practice 4 times per week, my classwork, and my gym workouts, I was boiling alive. I could barely find the time to go to practice, let alone make it to the gym. I knew I need to stay injury-free and fit for battle. But, I was...

  • Stressed out (and ready to snap anyone's head off at the slightest provocation).
  • Tired (and barely able to make it through work each day).
  • Frustrated (and grinding my teeth into dust).

...and not seeing any improvement in myself as an athlete.


Then, one night, I cried the entire drive home from practice.


Every few months, my team runs something called an evals practice. Essentially you get run through a gauntlet of situations and skills at the end of which you're assigned a score.


It was just like any other evals practice. I strolled in, laced up my skates, and was ready to see how much I had improved since the last one. Except something happened.


I hadn't improved.


I was struggling to do the same skills that I'd been struggling with before. My lap test was exactly the same. And I was fighting to drive my teammates out of bounds when before it hadn't been quite so difficult.


I was working SO HARD and seeing literally no improvement. What was the point? Everything I did in the gym was to improve as an athlete and yet NOTHING WAS HAPPENING.


I didn't want to waste my time in the gym if I wasn't going to see results. I didn't want to miss time with my son. I didn't want to push aside school work. I didn't want to suck at this sport that I loved.


I had an idea.


Well, more of a rebellion, really.


I decided to revolt against the way I’d been training for the past several years. It was 3 days worth of grueling practice interspersed with 6 days of training in the gym. It was what I did to make sure that I never let an opponent get past me, that I was always where my team needed me, and that I could play any position in a pinch.


And it hadn't been working. I was sick of it.

  • Sick of feeling tired and frustrated to the point where I didn't even feel like myself anymore.
  • Sick of throwing weight around while my son cried in his Pack n’ Play.
  • Sick of not becoming the better athlete I envisioned.
  • Sick of feeling like I was letting my team down in the bargain.

How I Stopped Wasting My Time In The Gym

(And Won My First MVP Award)

It was incredibly clear that what I was doing wasn't working. So, I re-started my training with a few minor tweaks:

  • I traded my time in the gym for focused intensity.
  • I picked a specific, clear athletic goal and trained solely for that.
  • I pushed myself harder at practice to try new things on the track.

It showed. I felt stronger, was able to get lower and hit harder, and felt like I was an integral part of my team.


My first game back after changing up my training, I was given an MVP award by the opposing team. It was something that had never happened to me before. And it helped to totally change the way that I train during the season.


I made a switch in the way I trained and never looked back.


You can make the switch, too.


Hi, I'm Prime!

And I'm going to let you in on a little secret:


I didn't set out to work in the fitness industry.


What I did do was spend years trying everything under the sun with my own training. I wanted to learn everything I could to find a way to be a badass athlete, while reducing injuries and still have time for laundry and trips to the grocery store.


Because managing work, family, practices, and just enough training to not suck was always a struggle for me.

I wanted to do more than not suck. I wanted to be as good as I could be.


I knew that wasn't happening. I wasn't improving the way I wanted to and I was just wasting time in the gym. So, I decided to use myself as a guinea pig to test out everything I could think of to improve my off-skates training.


And kill it on the track.


I wound up in school because I LOVED learning all of this stuff. I eventually started Iron Octopus Fitness because I saw my friends and teammates struggling with the same desire to improve under a time crunch that I had.


I don’t think you have to spend ten hours a week in the gym to level up your game.

I don't even think you have to spend five hours a week in the gym.


Figuring out how to focus your training, manage your schedule, and prioritize your rest can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to training. It sucks to always be stressed out about what to do with your training. I want you to just start doing it!


The training program that helps you stop spinning your wheels.


Spend less time training outside of practice and still reach your on-track goals.


Get stronger, faster, and more agile so you can become the athletic beast your team needs.

Clear the Pack is the only in-season training program you need.

Instead of finding a program that focuses on strength, then finding a program that focuses on speed, and then one that focuses on power, Clear the Pack does it all. It's really 4 different programs in one.


The membership portal gives you access to 4 complete training plans: maintenance (the base program), strength, power, and speed. Depending on your goal, you can follow one pathway all the way through, change up your pathway when you need it, or mix-and-match the training days to build your own program.


Clear the Pack has lots of options to fit your practice schedule and your athletic goals. You'll never hit a plow stop on your progress because you can always switch it up.


Just choose your pathway.


Do you want to:

  • Maintain the strength you have so that you can focus on building your skate skills?
  • Build strength so that you're harder to move on the track?
  • Get faster so that you can catch that jammer on the outside (or get away from that blocker)?
  • Become more agile so that you can juke your way out of a tight spot?
  • Be powerful so that you can finish those big hits that make the crowd roar?

All it takes is intensity and focus to get the results that will help you engage your beast mode on the track.

Clear the Pack will help you get there.





Upon purchase, you'll be taken to a thank you page to enter your email address for access to the coaching tips. Then you will receive TWO emails (be sure to check your junk/spam folders): -1- that will provide you with information for how to access the membership portal and -2- the introductory email for the program to help you get started. Questions? Email me.



Pair Clear the Pack with Jump the Apex

Get 12-weeks of in-season training + 15 weeks of off-season training


$79 + $59 = $138


That's 12 weeks -- and 4 programs! -- to cover your in-season training and additional 15 weeks of training specifically for your off-season.

Learn more about Jump the Apex here.

Upon purchase, you'll be taken to a thank you page to enter your email address for access to the introductory email. Then you will receive TWO emails (be sure to check your junk/spam folders): -1- that will provide you with information for how to access the membership portal and -2- the introductory email for the program to help you get started. Questions? Email me.

You could be a better athlete.

You know you can. You feel it in your bones.


You could train harder. You could train longer. You could stop wishing you were better and actually BE better.


But you don't have time for that.


Between practices, volunteer hours, league meetings, work, family, and your social life you're letting your training slide. And you hate it.


You want to focus your time on the thing you love, roller derby. I get it. Because I love it too. It feels like there is so much information out there about getting better but you just don't have time in your schedule.


Here's the thing, only a few things really matter…

#1 Focused Intensity in Your Training.

Showing up at the gym is a big part of getting better on the track. But you don't need to show up every single day.


In fact, training too much can have the opposite effect. Improvement in the short term, but endless plateaus in the long run. It isn't about HOW MANY times you train, it's about HOW you train. When you know where you're headed, you can pursue it with singular focus. And it takes less time to get there.

#2 Prioritizing Practices THEN Training.

Stop rolling into practice after a workout and wondering if your legs will even work right. Practice is where you learn to play the sport you love and your off-skates training needs to support that. Not leave you so exhausted that you can't even hit your 27-in-5.


It sucks to suck at practice because your training has wiped you out. Finding the right balance is key to begin seeing your training transfer to the track.

#3 Knowing Where You've Been.

Tracking progress is the key to making your training work for YOU. It makes it easier to tell what has been working (and what hasn't). It makes it easier to make changes that will help you become better, stronger, and faster...faster.


It may not be the sexiest part of your training, but just like evals at practice, it helps you keep improving. Which is what we all want. Learning how to track your progress -- and actually doing it -- is THE way to level up your game immediately.

Imagine if you had a program that was easy to follow, didn't wear you out for practices, and kept you from wasting hours in the gym. A program that could change when you wanted to change and helped you keep improving as a skater day after day. A program designed specifically for roller derby athletes.


  • 4 Separate Training Pathways

    Want to get faster? Hit harder? Or beat your opponent off the line? Whatever your on-skates goal is, there’s a Clear the Pack training plan to match it. Each focused pathway has workouts specifically designed to help you reach your athletic goals, no matter what they are.

  • 12 Weeks of Roller Derby Specific Training Plans.

    No thinking necessary, just plug the workouts into your schedule to get stronger, faster, and more powerful. Hit your chosen pathway hard for 12 weeks, crush your goals, then move to the next one.

  • 48 Different Workouts Organized by Athletic Goal.

    Nothing kills progress like having to stop and figure out what to do next. With Clear the Pack, that’s never a problem–I’ve got you covered for the next YEAR. With nearly 50 individual workouts, there’s always something for you to do next. CTP draws from 4 different pathways, allowing you to consistently progress towards your goals, EVEN as your goals themselves change.

  • An Online Membership Portal

    Don’t waste time hunting for your next workout or training plan. Everything is housed in one convenient location for access to the training plans and videos anytime, anywhere. Easily accessible on your phone, too, because who uses computers anymore?

  • Additional Training Resources & Information.

    Training is more than just what you do physically which means Clear the Pack covers that too. Goal setting, rest and recovery, creating schedules around your practice plan…the answers are in the portal.

  • Weekly Coaching Tips.

    Even the best laid plans can get derailed. With Clear the Pack, you don’t have to worry about it — I’ll be in your inbox EVERY WEEK giving you coaching cues, answering questions that often come up, and cheering you on. You won’t have to worry about getting stuck because I’ll be right there with you!


"I was at practice this morning jamming (which isn't really my thing) and I had a blocker come up to me after and say, "Holy shit, you are solid." I felt really strong and was able to counterblock some pretty big hits and make it out of the pack! It was pretty exciting to get that feedback after all of this work! Thanks!"


"The difference between when I started working out this summer with beginner strength training and now is just phenomenal. I played in my last bout of the season and I was so much better than I was a few months ago. I owe it all to these training programs. I was in every other jam. I was tired, but without [the program] I wouldn't have done half as well."


If you've never committed to your training before and are looking for a quick fix to improve your athletic performance, this program isn't for you.


Ursula the Sea Witch once told Ariel, "You can't get something for nothing, you know." That's just as true here as it is under the sea. Investing in Clear the Pack won't get you where you want to be unless you do the work. YOU have to bring the elbow grease.


I don't know why some athletes think they can just get better by training via osmosis, but you have to DO THE WORK. And you'll have to set aside SOME time to train.


Don't make me have this conversation again:

OBLIVIOUS ATHLETE: "I'm shooting for being the best at my position this year and I just don't have any time to train outside of practice. Can you show me how to quickly hack my training to get ahead? I need to see massive improvement this season and I don't want to work too hard."


ME (brutally honest and socially inept as ever): "There is literally no way to 'hack' your training without doing the work. I can help you work smart and hard, but I can't make you better if all you have time to do is sit on the couch watching re-runs of Quantum Leap and eating Oreos. Kthnxbai."

If you're like the poor oblivious athlete, THIS IS NOT THE PROGRAM FOR YOU. You might as well leave this page and go somewhere else. I can't help someone looking for a quick fix because there just isn't one.


You can work smart, but you still have to work hard.


In fact, there are lots of reasons why you shouldn't purchase CLEAR THE PACK:

  • You know that you can't commit to a program for even 1 month. It's hard to get results from a program that you can't or won't stick with.
  • You have never set foot in a gym before. There are some bodyweight modifications, but basic knowledge and experience with lifting will help you get farther, faster.
  • This is your first time seriously training for your sport. You need to take it slow if this is the case and find a beginner level program to help you build up your basic skills and strength.
  • You like to leave each training session completely wrecked, puking, or soaked in sweat. This program will work you hard, but not so hard as that you die. You still need energy for your sport!

But, if none of these apply to you LET'S GET KRAKEN.

Stop thinking that you aren't talented enough to be the stand out player you dream of being. It doesn't have anything to do with talent. If you're willing to put in the focused effort to train exactly where you need, you can improve your game.


Clear the Pack is for you if:

  • You play roller derby and want to be as competitive as you can.
  • You struggle to find time to train outside of practices even though you know how important it is.
  • You want to stop wasting your time in the gym and have a training program that you know works.
  • You're ready to start SEEING improvement in the gym and on the track.
  • You want to train hard without losing your social life.
  • You are ready to be more focused and intense in your training.
  • It's time to level up your game.

If any (or all of) those sound like you, this is YOUR program.




• 4 Training Pathways


• 12 Weeks of Roller Derby-Specific Training Plans


• 48 Different Goal-Oriented Workouts


• 12 Weeks of Coaching Tips & Tricks delivered via email

• LIFETIME ACCESS to the Membership Portal


• Discounted 1-on-1 Coaching Calls


• Additional Training Resources & Information


• Automatic Access to any updates or revisions of the program FOR LIFE


ONLY $79

Don't second guess your training anymore. Create your goal, choose the pathway to match, and start to see improvement quickly.  Get ready to hit the ground skating and have your best season yet.

Upon purchase, you'll be taken to a thank you page to enter your email address for access to the coaching tips. Then you will receive TWO emails (be sure to check your junk/spam folders): -1- that will provide you with information for how to access the membership portal and -2- the introductory email for the program to help you get started. Questions? Email me.

Level Up Your Game For An Entire Year By Grabbing The Off-Season/In-Season Bundle!


At 30% Off

Any Questions? Email me:


If, by the end of 4 weeks, you aren’t getting lower, hitting harder, and catching your opponents OR your teammates haven’t complimented you on your newly acquired beast mode, no worries. Just email me and I’ll issue a prompt refund where you’ll get 100% of your money back.

No questions. No hassles. Let’s do it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Clear The Pack

How many days a week will I need to train outside of practices? +

That depends entirely on you. However, the membership portal will give you some ideas on how to plan your training and your practices to get the most out of both. You'll have access to some sample training schedules that might match yours.

Do I need access to a gym? +

Yes. Or at least a fair amount of gym equipment.


For this program, you'll need a variety of equipment that most people only have access to at the gym. (Although, if you have a killer home gym, you might be good!) You'll need: barbells & weight plates, dumbbells of varying weights, resistance bands and/or a cable pulley machine, a bench, stability ball, and some room to run. There are modifications for some exercises, but you won't improve as quickly without being able to use the full array of workout equipment listed above.

What if I'm not currently "in-season"? +

It doesn't matter. Clear the Pack is flexible enough that you can be in-season, off-season, retired, or otherwise. The amount of time your practicing will help you determine how frequently to train, so fewer -- or no -- practice equals more choices to train.

How is the program delivered? +

When you enroll in the program, you'll confirm your email address and receive a welcome email from me with some of the basics to get you started. (Don't forget to scour your junk mail folder. Inboxes don't seem to like me...) That email will explain how to access the membership portal where all the workout PDFs and videos are kept. Once you login into the portal there's a getting started page to get you off on the right track with a welcome video to help you get oriented to the portal and how the program is laid out.


New workouts will drop into the portal every 4 weeks for the first 3 months (12 weeks of training plans!).

What if I'm currently doing another program? +

Clear the Pack may not be for you right now.


You can always use the workouts as stand-alone training days and plug them in around your current program. But, you won't have much success following a training pathway.

What formats do the training plans come in? +

You'll have access to the Clear the Pack portal where you can get easy-to-print PDFs of each of the training days. The portal will also have short, instructional videos for all of the movements.


You'll also get tips, tricks, and extra resources delivered to you via email for the 12 weeks of the program.

How long will I have access to the training plans/membership portal? +



The portal will also automatically be updated with new content and changes to the program. Don't worry, I got you.

Is there any coaching that goes along with the program? +

There is NO live coaching. The program includes access to the membership portal, weekly coaching emails, and lots of goodies. However, there is no personalized coaching available with this program.


If you ever get stuck and want access to personalized coaching, you can schedule a coaching call through the portal. You get a Clear the Pack discount.

What if I suffer an injury during the course of the program? +

Unfortunately, injuries happen in roller derby. I totally get it. Trust me, I've been there. (Sucks, right?!?)


If you get injured and can't complete the program, just shoot me an email. We'll figure something out whether it's a partial refund or some quick exercise modifications. That being said, if you DO get injured please go see a doctor!

How is the program delivered? +

Each training pathway has an introductory manual helping to guide you through planning and scheduling your own training around your practices. You’ll get immediate access to the first 4 weeks of workouts and videos so that you can start engaging your #beastmode.


Every 4 weeks, a new set of workouts will drop into the portal to carry you along your journey to being the strongest, fastest, and most powerful you’ve ever been.

So you've made it this far...

The day that I cried the entire way home after practice, I though about quitting my training altogether. But I knew that I wasn't ready for my roller derby career to end on an injury. I also knew that I couldn't keep going the way that I had been.

  • I was so tired from all the late nights/early mornings paired with my constant rush to the gym.
  • I wasn't firing on all cylinders as a mom, wife, teammate, or entrepeneur.
  • There wasn't ever ENOUGH improvement for all of the hours that I put in.

I've been where you are.


A little bit afraid to take the leap from the lion's head into the abyss, but hoping there's an invisible bridge to catch me. I wasn't ready to just be tired, frustrated, and always crunched for time for the rest of my life.


I took a chance that there was something better out there.


I want you to take that chance too.

What are you waiting for?

Let's go crush it.

Training Plans + Member Access + Weekly Coaching Emails



Upon purchase, you'll be taken to a thank you page to enter your email address for access to the coaching tips. Then you will receive TWO emails (be sure to check your junk/spam folders): -1- that will provide you with information for how to access the membership portal and -2- the introductory email for the program to help you get started. Questions? Email me.

Any Questions? Email me: