{VLOG} 5 Tips to Incorporate Progressive Overload into Your Training

This “vlog” (I hate that word — It makes me feel like I’m literally throwing up in my own mouth) is a small snippet of a series of webinars I hosted all about #intelligentcrosstraining in the month of June.

This snippet covers:

  • What progressive overload is
  • Why progressive overload is important
  • 5 ways you can start using progressive overload (right meow)

It’s about 14 minutes long. Enjoy!

Want more?

If this resonated with you, you might like the 7 Day Intelligent Cross Training Crash Course. It will take you through some of the big rocks of #intelligentcrosstraining and teach you how to schedule your practices and cross training commitments so that you get the most out of it.

I can’t wait to share it with you! Sign up ==> HERE <== and get the scoop.


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