Fouling Out Of The First Sanctioned Game Of The Season {Mental Toughness Journal – PART ONE}

Like most WFTDA leagues, my team has a busy schedule for the month of May. The majority of our sanctioned bouts take place during this month — ALL of our sanctioned bouts take place within 6 weeks of each other — and it can take a toll on you.

Physically and mentally.

One of my goals for this year has been to tighten up my own mental fortitude when it comes to dealing with unsavory situations on the track. It’s one of the reasons that I declared May #mentaltoughnessmonth.

Games are most often won or lost, not on the track, but in the space between your ears. Click To Tweet

Awareness and accountability are two HUGE components of growing your athletic mindset and building your mental toughness. In order to get better in this skill, I kept myself accountable by checking in via video for each of my games in the month of May.

Below is part one.

If you’re interested in training your own brain, check out some more resources below:


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Here’s how it’s going to shake out:

  • #mindsetmonday → I’ll be giving you a mindset focus for the week. Something that you can carry over into your life, your job, your training, and/or your athletic practice.
  • #walkthewalkwednesday → On Wednesdays, we wear pink. And put into practice a specific tool to work on the mindset focus for the week.
  • #followupfriday → Get ready to reflect on how you did. You won’t ever have to share (unless you want to) but part of improving your mental toughness and mindset will be evaluating how things went.

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