TKO Rex – Jump the Apex

The difference between when I started working out this summer with beginner strength training and now is just phenomenal. I played in my last bout of the season last night and I was soooo much better than I was a few months ago. I owe it all to these training programs.

Scuttle – Online Coaching

Intelligent cross training, at least for me, is purely mental…Prime taught me how to love myself by taking control of my insecurities and not allowing it to dictate how to train.

Downton Stabbey – Clear the Pack

I was at practice this morning jamming (which isn’t really my thing) and I had a blocker come up to me after and say, “Holy shit, you were solid.” I felt really strong and was able to counter block some pretty big hits and make it out of the pack! It was pretty exciting to get that feedback after all of this work! Thanks!