As a great philosopher once said…


Okay. So. That’s not strictly accurate.

One of my favorite Stoic philosophers, Epictetus, ACTUALLY said, “Writers write.

His meaning was not that if you wrote you could go around calling yourself a writer, like a hipster at the Farmer’s Market that pulls out their typewriter and sits cross-legged next to the parsnips.

But that if you wrote a lot you would eventually become good enough to earn the title of “writer”.

There are nuances, of course, to becoming a great writer. Or to even feeling like you deserve the title of “writer”. And, in fact, those nuances and feelings apply to lots of things:

  • being a writer
  • being a skater
  • being an artist
  • being a musician

Yet, the fact remains:

You must do, to be.

So, when you feel like you’ll never be a “real skater” or you’ll never accomplish that elusive skill: SKATE.

Skaters skate.

That’s it.

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Everyone was doing wall sits on skates.