How do I prepare my body for derby — and strength training — to help reduce my chances of injury?

The Stability & Mobility Program comes from my years of working as a Fresh Meat/New Skater Trainer. There’s always such a huge focus on the on-skates skills, that skaters and trainers often forget to emphasize something equally important: preparing our bodies to be athletic.

Roller derby attracts a lot of people that don’t consider themselves particularly “athletic.” It’s often a place where several of your teammates could truthfully say that they’ve never played a sport before in their lives. (In fact, maybe that’s you!)

Anyone can develop the skills to be “athletic”.

People that haven’t been in a sport before or been physically active before, just have to approach their training and learning how to skate in a different, more careful way.


This is a do-it-yourself program that will be delivered over 6 weeks via email. It includes:

  • 3 sets of bodyweight workout PDFs (1 every other week)
  • The Day 3 options PDF
  • Coaching videos for each movement in the bodyweight routines.
  • Coaching videos for each of the 3rd day workout options.
  • A weekly check-in email with coaching tips and tricks for getting into the cross training groove — and staying there!


The S&M Program is for anyone that is new to derby and wants to start building consistency with off-skates training AND a solid foundation of stability. If you’ve been in derby for awhile, but don’t currently train, this is a great place for you to start too.


Skaters that don’t train off-skates. Skaters that aren’t ready to build a consistent training practice. Skaters that aren’t self-motivated. Skaters that already have an effective training program.

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