You're an athlete. FULL STOP.

But sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it.

You’re stressed out from hours of league work pulling on your already busy schedule.

Or you're sick of grabbing Taco Bell on the way home from practice because you’re ravenous.

Maybe you're frustrated because you’ve been pouring every ounce of your extra energy into cross training, but aren’t seeing any improvement on skates.

Or you’re feeling guilty because (in my best Jessie Spano voice) THERE’S NEVER ANY TIME for your family or your non-derby friends or to do literally anything other than eat, sleep, and breathe skating.

The car rides home after practice where you cry the whole time have to stop eventually, right?

You love roller derby.

I get it. I love it too.

But you just wish it didn’t feel so hard. You wish you had someone in your corner. Sometimes you wish someone could just tell you what to do to help you navigate this sport.

That’s where I come in.

The amazing thing about roller derby athletes is that they usually don’t do anything by half measures. We’re all in on being all in.

Which means when we decide to cross train, WE REALLY GO FOR IT.

In the gym 5-6 times per week. High intensity interval training all day everyday. Always at practice leaving it all on the track. Traveling 8 hours for single games. Attending clinics every month.

I’ve been there.

Pushing myself harder and harder only to see my performance at practice and in games plateau. And then start to tank.

So I’d train even harder. Because surely that’s why I’m not doing it well. It must be because I’m not working hard enough.

Then more plateaus. More practice and games with poor performances.

And eventually, an injury.

Sometimes it’s a small, nagging one. Sometimes it’s a big, catastrophic one. But it always feels like you’re starting all over again.

The Intelligent Cross Training Academy is a 12-week coaching program that not only tackles your cross training but all of the other pillars of athleticism, too. It meets you exactly where you are to kick you off that downward spiral and get you back on track (literally and figuratively).

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Because of the commitment level required of 1:1 coaching (from both of us!), I limit the number of skaters that I work with at one time and only accept new clients through an application process to make sure we are a good fit. At this time, the coaching program is full. But members of the waitlist are the first to know when new spots open up.

Hi. I'm Prime! An okay skater, certified personal trainer, and Anti-Overkill roller derby coach that helps athletes find the perfect balance between practices, training, and living their lives.

That balance does exist and I want to help you find it.

I want to let you in on a little secret, too:

I didn’t PLAN on becoming a personal trainer for roller derby athletes. What I did do, was spend years trying everything under the sun with my own training. I was focused on becoming a better athlete, learning everything I could about exercise science, narrowly avoiding injuries, and still having time to do laundry and go grocery shopping.

Then I looked around and realized that IT WASN’T JUST ME. So many of my teammates and skater friends were going through the same shit.

We all wanted to be the best athletes we could be. But we were doing it at the expense of everything else.



The Intelligent Cross Training Academy exists to help skaters focus their training, manage their schedules, and prioritize rest to get the most bang for your buck.

I don’t want you to stress out about your training, I just want to help you start DOING IT.

[I started training with Prime] to make it as easy as possible to do the training I needed to do to reach my goals, most of all my lighten my mental load so that all I had to do was show up and work hard. Even though I'd been working out all summer, I was still struggling to meet my goals, but I definitely have noticed improvement since we've started working together in the areas I needed it the most, personally, which is exactly what I wanted.

-- SUI, Rose City Rollers

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Cross training plans customized to your unique goals and experience level. You’re here because you want to get stronger, faster, more agile or a combination of all of them. The training program that gets crafted for you will help you shorten up the path to your goals.

Support and accountability every step of the way. Over the course of the 12-weeks I’ll be right beside you and available in coaching calls, check-in emails, and even goofy texts. You aren’t alone on this journey.

Realistic, practical coaching from someone who has been there. Still is there. And understands when to push hard, when to change course, and when to reset.

Clear guidance for your schedule, your game, and your life. Sometimes we think the best answer is to train harder, eat less, dive in deeper -- but that’s rarely the case. Using an Activity Audit, we’ll hone in on the focus area that will make the biggest difference to your game.

Proven framework for clearing out your biggest roadblocks. Whether they’re physical, mental, or other. I’m a kind, compassionate coach but if you try to bullshit yourself, I’m not going to let that fly. You’ll get the strategies and tools that have helped me (and my clients) level up.

The Intelligent Cross Training Academy gives you access to a world-class coach and a tried-and-tested framework for leveling up your game without giving up your life.

A coach that’s also an athlete in the trenches with you trying to make practice and juggle motherhood.

A program that has helped skaters:

  • Pass their MSRs
  • Roster for their All-Star Team
  • Prep for the World Cup
  • Recovery from injury/surgery
  • Skate the way they always imagined they could

Roller derby might have DIY roots, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Prime - you changed my outlook on derby. You really did. Even though I've never skated with you, your workouts made me mentally tougher and physically stronger. I can tell I'm better. I feel like I can do the thing and that somewhere, in the midst of the chaos that is Erma, there's a really badass jammer/blocker/pivot living in there. It's gonna take some more work to free her, but she's in there and she wants this.

I cannot tell you how good your program is - you are amazing.

-- ERMA; Minnesota RollerGirls

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When you join the Intelligent Cross Training Academy, we will use my signature ATHLETE AUDIT to help you reach your goals and more.

Training like an athlete isn't just about sets and reps in the gym. It's easy to do what someone tells you week after week. But what happens after that?

The Athlete Audit takes us through the 5 biggest pillars of training that are impacting your performance on the track. Not just the physical stuff. We'll identify what's holding you back from being the skater you want to be and build SIMPLE and SUSTAINABLE habits to bust through those plateaus.

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12-weeks of customized cross training plans built just for you, where you are, to help you close the gap on the goals you have. No cookie cutter bullshit.

12-weeks of coaching YOU using my Athlete Audit to create a coaching and training plan that is 100% yours.

Detailed on-boarding process. This is where we get down to the nitty-gritty of where you actually need to focus to start reaching your goals.

Weekly Email Check-ins. Yes, I will hunt you down. I want to know how the week went so that we can re-assess the program, make tweaks, and address anything that came up for you.

Monthly Coaching Calls. Every month we jump on the phone, touch base on your goals, review your last program, and build the new one.

Unlimited text and email access. From the moment you sign up until the end of the 12-weeks, I’ll be a literal click away for questions, celebrations, commiseration, and weird GIF usage.

Access to my INCREDIBLE coaching community. You’re not the only skater out there trying to manage all this stuff. And while I’ll have your back every step of the way, I know it can be nice to hear it from others too.

Whether you're stuck on a plateau -- frustrated that you aren't improving no matter how hard you train -- OR frozen in place because you have no idea where to start, the Intelligent Cross Training Academy is built for YOU.

Wherever you're at.

The Intelligent Cross Training Academy isn't for you if you're not ready to address all the pillars of athleticism within your life or if you aren't willing to commit 100% to the program and go all in. But...if you're ready for an ATHLETE AUDIT that can change the way you think about and approach your game, let's do it.

Because I want every skater that I work with to get my absolute best, I only have 5 spots open in the academy at this time.

Are you up for taking the next step? Do you want more info? Click the application button below. You'll be taken to my calendar to schedule a call on a date and time that works for you. Then we can talk about the program and exactly how we can tailor it to you.

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I first started training with Prime because I was tired of being injured. I desperately wanted to make our All-Star charter, but I couldn’t make gains in my skating skill because I kept getting hurt. Prime’s programming helped me not only prevent injury (and stop hurting from derby!) but also make our All-Star Charter as a Pivot. Now I can play two bouts back-to-back. I can block every other. I feel more explosive. I can hit harder. I can pivot without dying. And best of all? I can skate a whole damn season.  

I cannot recommend Prime as a coach highly enough. She has improved my fitness and helped me reach my derby-specific goals. More importantly, I have gained confidence in myself and improved my relationship with my body. I feel like I can walk into any gym and lift, or onto any track and skate. If you had asked me a few years ago, I would have never described myself as an athlete. Now I can’t picture myself as anything else.

-- SHARKBAIT, Palouse River Rollers


    I get it. Prioritizing training and building solid athletic habits can feel REALLY far out of reach when you work, manage a household, have a family, hold a league position, and/or have to attend a specific number of practices per month.

    The beauty of 1:1 training is that it’s build around YOU and your lifestyle. I’ve worked with clients getting their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, skaters traveling the world, and folks juggling all of the things listed above and more. We build your program together in a way that WILL fit your lifestyle so that you feel like you have enough time.


    I do offer refunds, but I’ve never had to provide a refund to any of my clients once we get into the coaching. This program is completely customized to you and I work closely with you to make sure that it fits YOUR goals, YOUR schedule, and YOUR expectations. You’re not getting a cookie cutter program. You’re getting YOUR program with a coach that is just as committed as you are to making THE THING happen.

    This is a chance for you to invest in yourself because you’re more likely to DO THE THING if you’ve put some skin in the game. 1:1 coaching is a big investment but if you think you can make it work, do it now. That way you aren’t beating yourself up a year from now wishing you had made the invest and DONE THE THING.


    If you’ve been cleared by a doctor or PT to continue training, then come on in. Your program can be built around your physical therapy (again, you have to be cleared!) and working to protect your injury and reduce the chance of re-injuring it. If you haven’t been cleared, then GO TO THE DOCTOR, fix yourself, and you can join us the next time around.


    Working online with someone that has never trained before is super hard. There is some stuff I can do to evaluate your form and help you become stronger, but I always recommend working with an in-person trainer for a bit as well so that you know what good form looks and feels like for you.

    I have worked with skaters that have never cross-trained before with quite a bit of success, but you have to be willing to send me a lot of videos. From every angle.


    Your training program will be designed for you based on what equipment you have (among other things). But my goal is to get most of my clients lifting relatively heavy weights and you may need a gym for that.

    Not having a gym is not a deal breaker. But don’t be surprised if you’re ready to join one after you start the Academy.


    The training days themselves are delivered via an app where you can access your customized training days and your personally designed training calendar. It also allows you to record your reps and sets as you train, as well as leave me notes.

    We also check-in via email once a week to catch up on the last week of training and make adjustments moving forward. Each month, I’ll also schedule a call with you to go more in-depth on the next phase of your program. And I’m always available via text or email.

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So, if you're ready to:

Find the right balance of practice and training to avoid burn out this season.

Build more confidence on your skates and in the gym.

Learn what makes you tick as an athlete so you never have to second guess yourself again and can see improvement on the track with less stress, less fatigue, and more enjoyment.

This is it. The program designed to help you stop spinning your wheels and start skating forward. This is your chance to invest in yourself as an athlete and finally see those changes that you're working for STICK.

Imagine, with the proper customized coaching, becoming the athlete you've always dreamt about.

Here is your opportunity - I'm pulling for you.

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