Prep for the pre-season to begin THIS season the way you ended LAST season.

(or better)



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Spots in the challenge (and The Cephalopod Squad) are now CLOSED.

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The beginning of the season is simultaneously my most and least favorite part of the season. I'm always giddy with the excitement of lacing up and skating again, along with the change to reconnect with my teammates and this sport we all love. But I'm also sick with dread about the rust.

You know...THE RUST.

That thin layer of disuse that has accumulated over my skate skills during the off-season. And not just my skate skill either. Also my cardio endurance.

I used to hate the rust.

Now I look at it as a sign of a job well done. The rust means that I did my job when it came to taking a break from derby and trying other types of movement.

But once the season starts, I don't want the rust to stick around. I need it gone so that when my first home game hits, I'm skating at the same level that I ended last season on.

It's a little bit like climbing a ladder.

The goal is to gain a rung or two over the course of the season as you attend practices and hone cross training to have the greatest impact.

Over the off-season, we get rusty. We might slide back a rung (or two, even).

If we want to continue improving and avoiding plateaus, then there's a need to climb back to LAST SEASON'S rung to start off this season.



Shake off the rust, climb your performance ladder, and avoid burning out while doing it.

You know that old saying "Start as you intend to go along." Well it's never more true than the beginning of your season. If you want to avoid plateaus, peak at the right time, reduce your likelihood of injuries, and increase your season longevity -- that all starts now. In the pre-season.


Hi, I'm Prime.

World class coach. Okay skater. Intense Introvert. Head Cephalopod.

And before I started studying Exercise Science I was always working too hard in the gym and getting burned out. Or not working hard enough and getting beat.

Since I'm wildly competitive, that just wasn't going to do it for me.

So I sat down in my office with my charts and graphs and red pieces of yarn and started to put together a periodized program that would get me where I need to be for that specific point in the season.

The Cephalopod Squad was born out those charts and graphs.

Turns out it doesn’t have to take hours in the weight room to build strong, athletic new skaters. It doesn’t have to cut into the super important time you spend actually skating.

You just have to do the right thing at the right time.

And these challenges help you do that.

The Pre-Season Prep Challenge Will Get You Back Up To Speed

The Challenge will help you:

• Boost your muscular endurance to avoid THAT back ache.

• Boost your cardio endurance so you aren't SUCKING WIND at practice for a month.

• Re-groove and refine the movements that you use most when skating.

• Set up success for the rest of your season.

It focuses on the muscle stamina, lung endurance, strength, and mobility you need to make the most out of your pre-season and get you prepped for your first game.

Join the Challenge & Become a Part of the Cepahlopod Squad


per month

Spots in the challenge (and The Cephalopod Squad) are now CLOSED.

If you want to be the first to know when spots open up again, sign up for the wait list below. Got questions? Email me.


Get prepped for your first game


5-Weeks of workouts designed to help you re-groove and refine your season strengths

Stamina. Endurance. Strength.

  • Killer Coaching

    Access to a private coaching group that will specifically focus on toeing the line between reaching that rung and avoiding potential burnout. You can ask questions, post topics, and get coaching from me. Or just commiserate with all of the other roller derby athletes in there.

  • Monthly Training Programs

    Train up to 5 days a week with a program designed just for re-finding and refining those movements you haven’t done in while. It will also rebuild your cardio and muscular endurance so that you’ll be ready to skate hard and turn left without gassing out at halftime. Each month you stay in the group, you get a new training plan!

  • Clarity & Direction

    The coaching group doesn’t just focus on the physical part of training. We’ll also talk about how to set yourself up mentally for long-term season success and make sure that you’re eating, sleeping, and drinking enough (water!) for all of the hard work you put in. Because training is more than just physical.

Check out the orientation video:


per month

Spots in the challenge (and The Cephalopod Squad) are now CLOSED.

If you want to be the first to know when spots open up again, sign up for the wait list below. Got questions? Email me.


Who is The Cephalopod Squad FOR?

--> Those ready to level up their game. Time to train to have your best season yet.

--> Skaters that want to start building consistency. Familiar with training, but just can't make it stick? The Cephalopod Squad can provide you with the motivation and accountability you need.

-->Skaters that want coaching. If you want access to a personal trainer for less money, here's your chance.

-->Skaters who need to boost their cardio and muscular endurance. Especially if you're headed into the season and you need to get those things back  f a s t .

Who is The Cephalopod Squad NOT for?

--> Those new to training. You need to have some familiarity with gym equipment and cross training to jump into this program.

--> Skaters that definitely aren't interested in training off-skates. It's okay!

--> Skaters that aren't ready to build a consistent training practice. This program is requires you to put in the work if you want to prep for the season. You have be ready to do it.

-->Skaters that hate group coaching. If you won't show up in the group or don't need/want any coaching, there are probably better options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the cephalopod squad program:

Do I need access to a gym? +

A gym membership is ideal. But if you have some equipment at home, we can work with you. Just let me know what you have to work with and I can create a list of modifications or substitutes if you're limited equipment-wise.

However, you do need SOME equipment:  dumbbells, resistance bands, and a bench are the bare minimum. (Although it also helps to have access to a piece of cardio equipment or room to run!)
Will it work with my practices? +

Yes. Consider this challenge a ramping up phase where it works best if you are both doing the training AND attending practice at the same time. Practices are always the priority -- especially in the pre-season -- so we'll work your training days around that.

How many days a week will I work out? +

The Pre-Season Prep Challenge has options to cross train anywhere from 2-5 times per week. It depends a little bit on you, obviously, and how many practices you're attending. Your specific training schedule is something I can help you set once you're in the coaching group.

What format do the workouts come in? +

The training days are delivered via training app called Trainerize. The app tracks your sets and reps for you as well as lets you compare how you've grown over time. You'll also get early notifications of the new phase each month in the coaching group.

Is there any coaching that goes along with this? +

Yes! You'll be a coaching group with all the other skaters following the program. The group allows us to focus on the training itself, critiquing and fixing form, and covering all the non-physical habits that keep our performance up. So let's get kraken!

What if I just want to sign up for the CHALLENGE and that's it? +

I think the challenge is great, but sticking around the group for a few months will help you see even greater results. That being said, just joining us for January is totally fine.

You'll set up your monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time after the initial payment has gone through. If you cancel during January (or stick around for a bit and cancel midway through another month), you'll be removed from the group and the app on the last Friday of the month before the next monthly program comes out.


per month

Spots in the challenge (and The Cephalopod Squad) are now CLOSED.

If you want to be the first to know when spots open up again, sign up for the wait list below. Got questions? Email me.



2 weeks to fall in love with the program!! If you get into the program and decide that it’s just not for you, you can get a full refund within the first 2 weeks.

No problems. No hassles. No questions asked. Let’s get kraken!

Questions? Email me.