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D1 Playoffs is upon us!

The first round of the new D1 Playoff structure kicked off in Seattle on Friday bringing with it two moderate upsets that clinched spots at Champs for Montreal and Rat City.

Less surprising, Rose City and Angel City also punched their tickets.

Keep up-to-date on today’s seeding games at:

The Montreal/Rat City match-up should be a good one.

In between games, you can read…

6 Moves To Unlock Tight Hips

by Kurt Weber/T-Nation

Your hips might not be “tight” in the way that you THINK they are, but you definitely need to provide them with a little love and affection sometimes. Here are a few moves you can practice (IDK, maybe right now while you watch that D1 Playoff game) that will be kinder to your hips than just sitting in a chair.


Why You Need Better Ankle Mobility

by Nikki Naab-Levy/Girls Gone Strong

Your aches and pains might show up in your knees and hips, but maybe they stem from somewhere a bit lower? Let’s face it, ankles are one of the most common injuries in this sport and gaining greater strength and mobility in them is always a good idea.

“What you might not realize is that nearly all lower body movements — including walking, squatting and deadlifting — require ankle mobility.”

Sport Specific Skill v Functional Exercise

by Dr. John Rusin/T-Nation

This video, though. If you want to get better at a sports specific skill, you can’t just half-heartedly mimic it in the gym somehow. Take a look at the entire movement and skill from the top on down and address where you need work AS A WHOLE.

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