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I interrupt this weekly important things summary to direct your attention to the Twitter account known as Effin’ Birds.

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Dem Skwats

If you missed my Facebook Live rant about movement assessments earlier this week, then maybe having this be the first article surprises you. But…there really IS a scourge of awfully horrendous squats sweeping through roller derby. (And the general public.) A solid squat is the base for every movement you make when you’re in derby stance. If your base is rickety and falling apart, your movement isn’t going to be great. In fact, it might even lead to injury. Get the lowdown from Booty Quake of Roller Derby Athletics about how to Fix Your Squat (and why it’s not great in the first place).

And once you’ve figured out how to fix your squat, you can start trying more difficult variations. WOOOOOOO! Single leg versions are hecka good for athletes — especially those that have an asymmetrical sport — and pistol squats are the very top of that pyramid. Here are 5 Benefits of Pistol Squats from Mike Dewar of BarBend, including some beautiful mobility ideas.

Even if you can’t drop into a full-on pistol squat without holding on to something, it’s still going to translate to better skating, plowing, and minimizing those imbalances.


11 Kneeling Exercises for Strength and Core Stability

by Jim Carpenter/STACK

Greetings again from the #fuckcrunches squad. Which is mostly me and anyone else I can indoctrinate. There’s very little reason to program crunches into your training — even if you LOOOOOVE them, they aren’t loving you back. Stop cranking through your back and try these 11 core and strength exercises that transfer to dynamic movement better than crunches. You know, the kind of core strength that allows you to transfer the momentum of a hit fully into another human being.

The Guide to Volleyball Conditioning Workouts

by Andy Haley/STACK

While it may seem odd to take conditioning advice from a volleyball player, there’s a lot more in common between roller derby and volleyball than you might think. Specifically, the type of endurance that athletes of each sport need to cultivate. If you’ve been looking for conditioning ideas to help you build explosive movements and keep you from bonking on your power midway through a bout, check this out.

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