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I had this conversation with a 1-on-1 client earlier this week where she felt like she was doing so well, but nothing ever felt easier.

Sound familiar?

This was particularly in relation to HIIT training. I 100% understood where she was coming from because a HIIT routine — any HIIT routine — that I struggled mightily with 2 years ago is one that I’ll still struggle with today.

But here’s the thing: It’s not because I’m not improving. It’s because I’m able to push myself harder than I could before. If the routine actually got easier, I’d have to start worrying that I was sandbagging it.

There’s always another level to reach. There’s always a way to get better. And seeing beyond easy into improvement is a skill that we all need to master.

Because it may not always be that we AREN’T getting better, but that we are good enough to try harder.

Them Damn Injuries

There are two things that most athletes have in common: (1) they love their sport and (2) they’ll get injured. It’s not always a major injury that ends your career, but most of us will experience something small that pulls of off our skates at some point. Recovering physically from any injuries we suffer requires us to actually accept that we have an injury so we can pursue fixing it. What to Do Immediately Following an Injury by Andy Haley walks you through how to START your injury recovering even if it’s just happened to you.

While recovering physically can take up the majority of your focus, recovering mentally is just as important. The Mental Side of Recovering From an Injury by David Clancy (also from STACK) will walk you through some of the more common MENTAL roadblocks of injury recovery.

Warm-Ups & Mobility (yes, you need them both)

Do you hate warm-ups? I do. Even though I know better, those 10-15 minutes at the beginning of training feel like a waste. Really, I’m the last person to tell you that you should be warming up. So don’t listen to me, listen to Roger Lockridge at STACK and his Simple Routine to Prepare for Training. The beauty is that you can even do this before you put on your skates. *hint hint*

There’s often confusion that warming up and training mobility are the same thing. You CAN train in some mobility through focused warm-ups, but fitting in a mobility specific active recovery day 1-2 times per week can have you seeing more gains in your range of motion. (Very important for athletes.) Give This Simple Mobility Complex a try — and yes, you can use it as a warm-up, too — from STACK and Kevin Warren.

Maximizing Your Off-Season

by Jess Bandit/Roller Derby Athletics

The off-season is the time to rest. But not turn off. Jess Bandit offers some mental tips to help you maximize your off-season to recover mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you’re currently in your off-season, you can get access to my off-season training program, Jump the Apex, HERE. Grind just hard enough to keep you maintaining, but with enough rest to actually feel restful.

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