Train Your Brain :: Stuff To Read This Week {October 15, 2017}


Everyone. I have a very important announcement:


Bamps is so last weekend. Time to jump on the #manchamps and #cymruclash bandwagon.

  1. Watch HERE.
  2. Get all your in-depth analysis HERE.
  3. And visit #rollerderby Twitter for the love of God.

In between games and official timeouts, check out the articles below:

3 Reasons Why Athletes Should Try Zercher Squats

by Justin Ochoa/STACK

I used to think I HATED front squats and LOATHED back squats. But that was before I got introduced to the Zercher Squat. It somehow manages to combine everything I dislike about both the front and back squats. And yet still I do it. Because Zercher squats have some awesome benefits — just like those other squats — and deserve a little rotation time in your training plan.

Descriptive study of female roller derby athletes’ beliefs about risk factors for injury in roller derby

by Michelle L Cathoral & Megan Punches/BMJ Journals

Read this. Read this. Read this. Why do injuries happen? How do we, as individuals in this community, respond when they do? Check this quote out: “More experienced players with a history of a roller derby injury cited the internal pressure to return to play too quickly after an injury and being distracted or fatigued as causes of injury.” WHOA.

Speaking of injury versus rest and recovery…

The Crucial Need for Rest and Recovery

by Brooke Mars/Breaking Muscle

Just fucking do it already. Seriously.

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