Train Your Brain :: Stuff to Read This Week {January 22, 2017}


Maybe your brain is mush right now and you can’t stomach reading or learning anything new.

Here’s a picture of my dog to cheer you up:

Maybe your brain is fine and you’re ready to read your face off. Regardless, it never hurts to look something that joyful in the face once in a while.

(Plus look at how terribly my pants fit in the background there. I was pregnant, so I was going to let it slide. But it’s really awful.)

Our Upright Posture and Its Effects On Athletic Performance

by Rogue Runner/Fitness Gone Rogue

The way that humans move has changed significantly over the years. Even more so with the advent of more sedentary jobs and all sorts of pocket-sized digital technology. As the way we move has changed our posture has changed and as our posture has changed our athleticism has changed. If you’ve ever doubted how important your posture is for athletics, Rogue Runner will set you straight.

5 Ways To Keep Your Head In The Game

by Lauren Penny/Female Coaching Network

Have you ever felt your negative self-talk spiraling out of control? Or do you let your nerves get the best of you prior to big games? It takes some practice, but you can absolutely develop the skills to keep your head in the game. In every situation.

Prioritize Results, Not Popular Advice

by Adam McCubbin/Breaking Muscle

More often than not, the answer I give you most questions is: “It depends.” Because we’re all unique individuals, with unique body types and movement patterns, it really DOES matter how you train to get the best results. Avoid being a sheep in your training and prioritize what YOU need to get better.

Chaos, Your Death Drive, & Fighting Thanos

by Robbie Farlow/Sidequest Fitness

This article is looooong, but worth it if you often find yourself letting setbacks *really* set you back. There’s a part in all of us that works to sabotage our efforts over time and it doesn’t take much to wake that part of ourselves up. This is a great piece about resiliency and mental toughness.


The New Rules of Lifting for Women

by Lou Schuler

Starting on Monday, January 30th, the #rollerderbybookclub is starting a new book. This one is all about training!

This book is great for anyone that wants to:

  • start lifting weights safely and effectively
  • increase how much their lifting and build their strength
  • learn more about what lifting can do for athleticism (and life!)

If you want to join the #rollerderbybookclub, you can request access to the group by clicking HERE. Several other members of the group are just getting their copies of the book so, come on in, the water’s fine.

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