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If you haven’t been buried under a rock or in a self-imposed, Facebook exile, you’ve probably heard a little bit about D2 PLAYOFFS in Pittsburgh (excuse me, LITTSburgh).

Because the teams that came to play, LIT UP the brackets.

This is why D2 is so amazing.

Catch up with these resources:

Every single team came with this motto:

It’s my favorite day, too.

The Squat Progression Guide

by Shane Trotter/Breaking Muscle

My own (personal) issues with the back squat notwithstanding, it’s a rough movement and not one that athletes — or anyone — should jump directly into. YES! You should squat, but you don’t always have to squat the same way and some variation is good within your training. If you’ve been having trouble with your squat or just want to mix it up, check out the variations and progressions within.

I also talked about various progressions for basic movements in one of my RollerCon seminars. You can sign up for the notes here.

3 Nutrition Myths That Affect Athletic Longevity

by Dr. Susan Kleiner/Girls Gone Strong

Got questions about the Glycemic Index? Or “Clean Eating”? Or what in the hell you should eat for recovery? Also this: “Let’s embrace the magic of nutrition: the joy of breaking bread and sharing a celebration through food, the incredible satisfaction of a big recovery meal after a hard physical accomplishment, the intimacy of nourishing another human with the sustenance of a meal.”

5 Reasons to Use “Fillers” in Your Strength and Conditioning Programs

by Eric Cressey

I’m a sneaky coach. Skaters that work with me want to build strength, gain power, or boost their athleticism and I want to help them get there. But I also want them to be smart about their recovery and have time to build better movement. So I use fillers. It might be a squat paired with kettlebell rockers (for ankle mobility). Or a deadlift paired with 90/90 Hip Raises (for hip mobility).

There’s nothing wrong with building strength, power, or athleticism, but you can also do it with “filler” exercises. Consider using these tips to sneak some mobility and recovery in for yourself.

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