Train Your Brain :: Stuff To Read This Week {August 20, 2017}


I get to see a solar eclipse from my deck tomorrow.

DON’T WORRY. I have appropriate eye protection.

I’m pretty excited. But I’m also prepared.

Low-Intensity Training For High-Intensity Sports

by Eric Hageman/Breaking Muscle

It’s time to understand what the value of low-intensity training is for playing a high-intensity sport. HIIT is only one side of the cardio coin. You need to make sure you are working your heart in low-intensity bursts, too. As the article says: “Few sports demand just a single explosive effort. Most depend on an athlete’s ability to be explosive repeatedly. A better aerobic system means less anaerobic activity is required to produce energy, resulting in a fresher, more effective athlete in the later stages of competition.”

Rotation Training For Athletes And Lifters

by Dr. John Rusin/T-Nation

Ever been blocking that jammer with your hips turning in one direction while your shoulders turn in the other? Or trying to leap the apex while also twisting through the air? That’s why rotational training is important! Your hips and shoulders need to be strong, of course, but so does the piece that connects them. So quick tips for hip rehab AND strengthening the muscles you need for dynamic play.

13 Training Tips To Relieve Knee Pain

by Eric Bach/Bach Performance

Do you really need me to tell you why to read this?

I think not.




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