Train Your Brain :: Stuff to Read This Week {August 13, 2017}


Most of my 1-on-1 clients caught THE FUNK this weekend. Not a sickness. Not the derby plague. Just the general malaise of not wanting to train or “messing up” their nutritional plan or having a really depressing string of practices.

It happened to me this week, too.

No matter how often I slept or how much I focused on recovery, I just couldn’t shake a general feeling of MEH.

Getting to the gym is almost always a struggle. But this week, I genuinely didn’t want to go. My training days got pushed later and later until I found myself in the weight room at 9:15pm trying to fit in all my sets before the Y closed. #notthenorm

THE FUNK sucks. But it happens to everyone.

The most important part is how you handle it. Will this funk become the norm? Or is it just a blip on the radar?


Fix Your Ankle Mobility for Deeper Squats

by Tom Morrison/T-Nation

Sure. Being able to drop into an ass-to-grass squat at the drop of a hat is a cool party trick, but ankle mobility is so much more important than just creating greater squat depth. Strong, flexible ankles can help reduce knee and hip injuries because those joints not longer have to compensate for your terrible ankle range of motion. Team Wankle take heed, this is just another piece of the puzzle.

Regressing and Progressing 4 Basic Movements

by Karen Smith/Girls Gone Strong

You want to jump in right at decline pushups with weight on your back? Hold on there tiger. It’s always better to start slow and build your strength in the basic movement before adding all the bells and whistles. Coach Karen from GGS shares the appropriate regressions and progressions for the most basic movements you need to master. If you read this article and realize you need to regress a movement, don’t think of it as a step back. Think of it as change to become more solid and strong so you can kick ass.

Why Do We Have Such Mixed Feelings About Muscle Tone?

by Cory Stieg/Refinery 29

Sometimes it can feel like you’re stuck between the rock and the hard place that is training to be good at your sport and training to look the way you want to look (or think you ‘should’ look). While it REALLY sucks that there even has to be a conversation about it, women and muscle tone collect all sorts of shade from all sorts of place. This article is super thought-provoking in that regard. Check out this piece of wisdom => “When we stop assuming we can tell anything about a person’s lifestyle, habits, or morality from their body, the difference between toned and too muscular becomes irrelevant.”

RESOURCE: Tips for Your Roller Derby Press Releases

by Zoey Duncan & Lauren Bishop/The Apex

The article says it best: “…there are many people within derby who don’t think to, or know how to, flex events within their league into local media coverage.” If gaining more spectators or more volunteers or more skaters or more whatever is in your league’s life plan, you NEED to build a relationship with the local media. Here on some tips on how to do it, quickly and easily.


The Hard Hat

by Jon Gordon

The Hard Hat tells the true story of a lacrosse player, George Boiardi, that took the idea of being a great teammate to the next level. He died playing the game he loved and his team still make sure that all the players know how to be a teammate like George.



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