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The hashtag of the week (for most of North American roller derby) was definitely #malmofomo.

Crime City did not disappoint as the hosts, not only throwing a hell of a tournament in what looks to be an incredibly supportive city, but also becoming the FIRST SWEDISH TEAM to make it to champs and only the SECOND EURO TEAM to go.

They’re joined by Denver, London, and Gotham. Of course.

Keep up-to-date on today’s seeding games at:

I’m dying to see what Rainy City gets up to.

In between games, you can read…

Split Squat Right For Your Body Type

by Dr. John Rusin/T-Nation

If you don’t know how much I love single-sided exercises to help boost your performance on the track, let this be your notice. I FUCKING LOVE THEM. And the Bulgarian Split Squat is one of my favorites. Like a good movie, it’s got it all: core strength, balance, glute building, strength! Grab a bench and watch this video to set-up your new favorite love-to-hate exercise.

4 Stability Ball Exercises to Challenge Your Core

by Amanda Thebe/Breaking Muscle

This week has been all about the core, so of course I included this on the list. Sometimes, having a stability ball under foot in the gym can be annoying as hell. But when you’re ready to bust out some killer core moves (and strengthen all the things your core connects), it’s nice to have around.

JUST NOTE: “Before you start with any of the following exercises, you need to make sure you can actively hold a bodyweight plank for a least one minute. All of these movements will challenge your base of stability, so you must ensure you are ready to perform them. Each exercise is a progression on the next, so take your time to master each movement before continuing onto the next exercise.”


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