Your Training Day* Food Guide. [INFOGRAPHIC]

By October 19, 2017Blog, Nutrition

* Wherein “training day” represents any day that you do a physical activity whether it’s training in the gym, going to practice, playing in a bout or all of the above.

** But please don’t do all of the above. Seriously.

Pre-game food ideas:

  • 1 cup of Greek yogurt (flavored is fine) mixed with granola
  • 1-2 oz. Beef jerky, carrots, and handful of pretzels
  • PROTEIN SHAKE: protein powder, banana, greens (like spinach), greek yogurt, milk or coconut water, fruit
  • Tuna sandwich, light mayo, with veggies on the side — has the added benefit of giving you fish breath you can breathe on your opponent

The uniting thread is here is high protein, high carbohydrates, lower fat and easily digestible. Any combination of those things and you’re good to go.

Right around this time (60-90 minutes before first whistle) is also a good time to take caffeine. Don’t try that unless you’ve tried it before a practice first though…

On the bench:

  • Coconut water, any version of Gatorade-like product you can find. You can mix a little bit of protein powder into either of these, especially if you drop fast.
  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE CARBS: Gatorade gels, gummi bears, fruit or fruit juice. Only to be used when you feel like you’re bonking.

After the game:

Go to town. With the caveat that you NEED to make sure that you’re getting protein as well. If you’re at an afterparty or bar, choose wings or sliders over nachos. Burgers over pizza.

And go drink for drink between water and alcohol.

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